NZ artists

There’s range of art painting styles to choose from. What makes the shopping process more enjoyable is when you happen to know what type of style you’re currently looking at. There’s list of NZ artists painters that all have different art styles and we’ll gladly break it down for you.

Realism art, or also known and considered as ‘real art’ appears to be real but not enough to be a photograph. It creates the illusion of reality with good shadowing, composition, tones and more.

Painterly art, as they name indicates, is all about visible brushstrokes and creating layers and textures in the paint. You can use different types of materials to create painterly art: watercolours, gouache, oils, acrylics or any other where brush is needed. From our list of NZ artists painters, for example Kylie Law practices painterly art. See her floral painting. Also, Lyndy Wilson with her painting “Scene stealers”.

Impressionism has an unfinished look to it with its small and thin visible brushstrokes. Impressionism often emphasizes light, thus many paintings are of outdoors, capturing natural sunlight. It’s more about the expression of the soul rather than accuracy. Another NZ artist painter Emma Hercus and her painting of white birds has some elements of impressionism in it.

Abstract doesn’t resemble anything from reality. It’s not representational as it uses different shapes, textures, colours and forms to get its point across. These colours and textures can represent feelings, and shapes can symbolize objects. The meaning is entirely up to viewer’s interpretation. Take a look at another NZ artist painter Kirsty Black and her “Mousey tales” abstract work. What do you see?

Pop art gets its inspiration from commercials and everyday life as a consumer. Popular elements used in pop art are comic books, celebrities, pop culture, movies etc. Artists tend to use bold colours and realistic imagery. Check out Alex Miln and the Bushells painting.

We hope you enjoy finding the right art!