Anna Gedson

Anna Gedson is a skilled artist who creates beautiful pieces using various materials such as flax, feathers, paua, shells, glass, pounamu, and cotton/rayon threads. Recently, she has also started incorporating metals like copper and aluminium in her works. Her love and respect for weaving are evident in her unique designs, which combine traditional Maori skills with unconventional materials.

Through her weaving, Anna has honed her skills and developed an eye for detail, resulting in exquisite miniature kete that are both functional and decorative. Her innovative approach to weaving has allowed her to create works that showcase the beauty of the traditional art form while also pushing boundaries.

Weaving is an integral part of Maori culture, and Anna's use of traditional techniques pays homage to this heritage while also incorporating modern elements. Her works are not only beautiful but also meaningful, making them perfect as gifts or keepsakes.

By purchasing Anna's pieces, customers are not only supporting a talented artist but also preserving a part of Maori culture. Each piece is unique and carries with it the artist's passion for weaving and respect for tradition.
“I have a love and respect for harakeke (flax) and enjoy the challenges of weaving and working with it. I have learned all the traditional Maori skills associated with weaving harakeke and have used those skills and knowledge to design and make perfect miniature kete from untraditional materials.