Hamilton art gallery owner Lisa Voigt.

Soul Gallery - Hamilton Art Gallery

Soul Gallery is a celebration of New Zealand art and objects. We are a modern, fresh, innovative art space that showcases the best of New Zealand's contemporary art and other media such as paintings, sculpture, fine art prints, glass art and ceramics. We have monthly exhibitions of emerging and established artists showcasing New Zealand art works. Soul Gallery is 100% NZ artist owned by Lisa Voigt.

Opening Hours
Mon 9:30am - 3pm
Tue-Fri 9:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday 9:30am - 4pm
Closed on Sunday

"My desire for Soul Gallery developed out of a need to create a haven where people could come to appreciate an eclectic melting pot of New Zealand art and design"

New Zealand art gallery in Hamilton

Monthly Exhibitions

Soul Gallery hold monthly exhibitions featuring local artists. Click here to find out more about our exhibitions...

Please feel free to come and experience Soul Gallery 'in the flesh'. We welcome visitors, no appointment necessary. We are in the CBD with parking on street or the nearby Wilsons car park.

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Around the Gallery


Come visit our Hamilton Art Gallery to get a full experience. Art Gallery is not just for other artists or art enthusiasts, it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. It's a place where your own creativity gets a boost. Art Gallery can also make you happy! It's actually a proven fact. When you step into an art gallery, your mind starts to wander, you let go of any negative thoughts you had and focus on what you're seeing before you. You're thinking more abstractly which will reduce stress levels. That's the beauty of art.

Hamilton Art Gallery

We have range on NZ artists showing their best work at our Hamilton art gallery. By visiting our gallery, we can tell you more about the artist and how a specific piece was created. Your time in art gallery will not only be for browsing, it's also educational. Often, other artists visit art galleries to find new pieces of artwork and art styles they might not be familiar with. It's a way to increase their levels of creativity.

Most importantly, we love promoting new talent! By visiting Soul Gallery, you'll be helping many talented NZ artists. Give us a visit in Hamilton and we'll gladly explain every artwork and give you insight into its creation.