Buster Colllins

Annie Collins, the talented jeweller, has a captivating alter ego named Buster Collins. Buster Collins serves as Annie's jewellery label and best friend in the world of jewellery making.

Buster's unique style reflects Annie's multifaceted nature, encompassing both the dark and mysterious aspects. Drawing inspiration from film noir and The Brothers Grimm, Buster often employs oxidisation techniques to create an alluring blackened effect on metals. However, amidst the shadowy allure, there is also a touch of femininity evident in delicate chains and gleaming silver creations.

Buster's preferred medium is sterling silver, which serves as the foundation for most of the designs. These silver pieces are often adorned with a sprinkling of precious and semi-precious stones, adding a touch of elegance. In addition to silver, Buster incorporates other intriguing materials that capture her imagination. Antique keys, native timber, feathers, piano keys, deer antler, and even street sweeper bristles find their way into her creations, lending a sense of uniqueness and eclectic charm.

With Buster Collins, Annie Collins brings forth a captivating blend of darkness and femininity, creating jewellery pieces that are as enchanting as they are diverse. Each design tells a story and carries a hint of mystery, inviting the wearer to embrace their own unique style and narrative.