David Thomas

Having hailed from England, my professional journey commenced in a commercial/industrial photographic studio in Portsmouth, where I honed the art of making machinery look captivating. The challenges of photographing cleaning brushes with white nylon bristles in black and white proved both demanding and rewarding. After eight fruitful years, I embraced a fresh start, transitioning into the world of teaching, an equally challenging and fulfilling endeavor.

My teaching path continued until destiny beckoned me towards New Zealand in 1999. Throughout my career, photography remained an abiding passion, but over the last six years, a delightful shift occurred. I delved into the realm of 3D art, relishing the robust nature of working with acrylic on a smaller scale.

The catalyst for my current work was the material itself - acrylic inspired my collection titled "Stop me and buy one." Once the concept germinated, it took root, guiding me in exciting new directions. The idea of enjoying an ice-cream inevitably leads to a craving for jelly and ice-cream - such is the nature of creative inspiration! Vintage Tiptop advertising has left an indelible mark on my work, blending seamlessly with the overarching theme of "stop me and buy one."

In these times where Kiwis are exploring their own backyard, I seek to evoke a sense of nostalgia with my art, presenting a heartfelt reminder of that cherished walk to the dairy.