Claire McSweeney

Drawing inspiration from her upbringing on the captivating West Coast of the South Island, Claire's artistic journey is deeply rooted in her profound connection with New Zealand's mesmerising natural environment. Through her innovative exploration of form and her masterful implementation of diverse jewellery materials and techniques, including hand piercing, casting, and fold forming, Claire crafts exquisite pieces that pay homage to the remarkable beauty of specific native plants. With each individual creation, a captivating story unfolds, speaking volumes to the wearer and encapsulating a heartfelt reverence for our unique New Zealand environment. Imbued with symbolism and infused with a distinctive love for nature, Claire's jewellery becomes a wearable embodiment of the intricate narratives woven within our extraordinary surroundings.

Each meticulously crafted piece resonates with a profound sense of appreciation, inviting wearers to connect with the essence of New Zealand's natural heritage in a tangible and evocative way. Through her artistry, Claire orchestrates a joyous celebration of the diverse flora that thrives in our land, translating their delicate allure into wearable tributes that encapsulate the rich tapestry of our extraordinary environment. By fusing artistry with a deep-rooted connection to the natural world, Claire invites individuals to embrace the beauty that surrounds them and to cherish the remarkable stories that unfold through her wearable works of art.