Alan Howie

In one way or another, for most of my life timber and I have been close friends.
The touch and smell of freshly worked wood delights me. There is great joy when beautiful grain emerges from the planer after inserting an age-tempered world-weary plank.
I use only recycled and (occasionally) sustainably-milled timbers, hopefully turning that which may well be destined for the fire or landfill into an object which will give pleasure for more years – hence ALchemy BoxArt. Each box is unique. Simple uncluttered lines carried by the natural beauty of the grain.
Inspiration comes from the wood itself and the calm rural home on the outskirts of Hamilton which I am blessed to share with my beautiful partner Carolyn, two cats (Maggie and Max) and our young dog, Sam.
Asked what kind of boxes I make – my answer is that for me a box is defined by its contents; it may well fit the description of a jewellery box but changes to a memory box when emotionally significant items are stored within. Function is not constrained by form. The owner decides.