Rebecca Hawthorn

Rebecca’s work is influenced by her background in design, a love of moody atmospheres, her fascination with the evolution of humanity, and the beauty of the natural world.

Rebecca’s current body of work delves into dark, highly stylised florals. These embody childhood imaginings of enchanted moon-lit flower beds and their magical inhabitants. Each miniature environment is captured just as the moonlight is illuminating leaves and petals, and it’s the creatures you can’t see that capture Rebecca’s imagination. The ability to create an atmosphere in these small settings reminds Rebecca of experiencing dioramas as a child and the joy of peering into a tiny slice of a perfectly formed world.

Rebecca’s floral paintings are created using a process driven method which involves many layers of brightly hued acrylic paint. The paint is thickened and applied over several sittings with brushes and palette knives to create a richly textured surface. These layers are buried beneath black paint which is wiped away and sanded back to reveal the organic shapes below. As the layers are exposed curious and surprising combinations of colour and texture are revealed.