Helen Turinsky

About my work:

I have always enjoyed drawing and making things:
After an inspiring foundation course in Art and design, I went on to study 3-D design at Brighton University (UK) and graduated with a BA Hons' degree.

In 2003, I moved to New Zealand and started designing and making my own jewellery. (I have exhibited In many shows, both group and solo since.)
I love the making process and each individual piece of jewellery is handmade by me, using a traitional piercing saw, files and hand tools.

Coming from overseas and having traveled extensively, I have found myself drawn to themes of Nationality; Journeys and the stories of the first travellers to NZ .
In the words of Anna -Marie White, my pendants are “nostalgic scrapbooks of New Zealand History: A collection of symbols that tell us the stories of New Zealand's history and celebrate its nature.”
As with many NZ jewellers, I draw much inspiration from (New Zealand ) nature, which is evident in my work.

In my 'Kowhai collection,' I have re-illustrated the famous 'willow pattern' pottery (which I find quintessentially English) and replaced the key elements with NZ flora and fauna. The willow tree is replaced by a kowhai tree, the birds are a pair of flying Tui's and the boat is a Maori Waka. Using images from the illustration, I have created a collection of Jewellery which features Tui's, kowhai pods, leaves and flowers as well as the whole illustration either etched or printed.

'Land Ahoy” tells my story of a journey at sea; (sailing round Cape Reinga, the Northern most tip of NZ.)
This work is about that journey and all the magic and challenges that entails: Albatross' gracefully gliding ahead; the stars above to navigate by and the uplifting moment of seeing land again; a long white cloud ahead! A feeling of releif and celebration; a sense of belonging.

I use mainly sterling silver In my work and often patinate (blacken) it, or combine it with other metals such as gold or brass for a contrast in colour.