Rachel Rush

I have been painting and drawing ever since I can remember. I used to draw pictures from my favorite books and colour them in exactly, working my way through them.

My first job out of school was with Kozmik Design, hand painting fabulous fluro clothing. It was my dream job, I absolutely loved it, but it was only ever to be relatively short-lived. After that I moved into a family business, nothing at all to do with art, but I continued to paint in all my spare time. I initially painted landscapes in oil, and have spent years finding my voice, which ultimately has come to be my RUSH graffiti work, and my abstract contemporary resin Rachel Rush works.

I absolutely love working in resin. It’s a very tricky, messy product which can be challenging, but the depth of colour and shadow it creates appeals to me. You can only work on a small section of each piece every day, so these works build up over a period of weeks. To me they are all about colour and movement - and I love colour!

I paint what I love, and what I want to see in my home. I’m ambitious and have strong plans for the future, mostly focusing on international opportunities. I take my clients investment in my works seriously and work hard to keep pushing my creativity to new levels.

I hope you enjoy discovering the magic in these pieces as much as I have loved bringing them to life!