Hannah Sheehan

Introducing Hannah Sheehan: A True Artistic Heritage in Jade

Jade runs deep in the veins of Hannah Sheehan, who grew up as the daughter of a renowned carver. From a tender age, her affinity for this precious stone mirrored that of her father's, setting the stage for her artistic journey. While still a teenager, Hannah pursued carving professionally and soon established her successful workshop in the heart of Wellington.

In recent times, Hannah's artistic exploration led her to venture into new realms. She decided to extend the language of her craft by incorporating precious metals, complementing and enhancing the beauty of jade even further. As a self-taught silversmith, she now meticulously crafts a limited number of unique pieces from her cozy home studio, a sanctuary where she revels in the joy of continuous learning and refining her craft.

Every piece created by Hannah is a labor of love, infused with her profound dedication and time. Witnessing the finished product, borne from her hands and mind, fills her heart with delight and satisfaction. As one masterpiece is completed, the seeds of inspiration begin to stir, paving the way for her next remarkable creation.

Embrace the allure of Hannah Sheehan's artistry, where the legacy of jade meets the brilliance of precious metals, and each creation becomes a timeless testament to her boundless passion and artistic heritage.