Change Of Wind

Change Of Wind

By Lisa Grennell

Original Artwork

Floating in a black frame


Original Sketch art

"CHANGE OF WIND" by Lisa Grennell is a piece of original sketch art you don't want to miss. It comes in a sleek black frame, sizing up at 600x700. Lisa does a bit of everything – drawing, screen-printing, and painting – and it really shows in this sketch.

This sketch artwork is kind of floating in the frame, which adds a neat 3D effect. Lisa says it's like a sculptural touch, playing with shadows and making the artwork pop. It's a clever move that gives the whole thing a lively vibe.

Lisa's style is always changing, just like the subjects in her art. "CHANGE OF WIND" is a great example of her evolution. The floating trick she uses gives the sketch an extra kick, bringing out the details and creating a dynamic look.

This sketch is all about family. Lisa puts a lot of heart into showing the bond between parents and kids. It's like a trip down memory lane, reminding you of the simple joys of childhood.

In parallel, consider exploring "TIME ALONE," another noteworthy line art piece available on Soul Gallery.

"CHANGE OF WIND" stands as a testament to Lisa Grennell's artistic prowess, offering a visual journey that celebrates transformation and the enduring beauty of fine art.

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