Donut Girl

Donut Girl

By Lisa Grennell

Edition 1/5

Floating in a white frame.


"Donut Girl" - Limited Edition Contemporary Art

Presenting "Donut Girl" by Lisa Grennell, a limited edition contemporary art piece that adds a playful twist to the black and white sketch world. Numbered 1/5, this unique artwork is elegantly presented in a white frame, measuring 600x800mm.

Lisa's creativity shines in "Donut Girl," where a black and white sketch captures a moment of a girl standing, transforming into a vibrant scene as she holds a massive, bright pink donut. This whimsical blend of black and white sketch and bold colour creates a distinctive contemporary aesthetic.

Limited edition. Order now!

Adding "Donut Girl" to your collection brings in that contemporary flair. With just five editions available, it's a chance to own something unique that blends the charm of sketch art with a burst of vibrant personality.

Thinking about expanding your art vibes? Connect "Donut Girl" with Lisa's sketch "Change of Wind" for a cool combo of styles within Lisa's collection.

Bring some modern whimsy into your space with "Donut Girl" – it's Lisa Grennell's way of adding a playful touch to traditional sketch art. Limited editions make it exclusive, making it a perfect fit for anyone wanting to spice up their art collection.

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