Time Alone

Time Alone

By Lisa Grennell

Limited edition 2/5

Floating in a white frame


"Time Alone" - Limited Edition Line Art by Lisa Grennell

Meet "Time Alone" by Lisa Grennell, a limited edition line art creation capturing a quiet moment of a girl on a swing. Numbered 2/5, this piece comes in a simple white frame, sized at 700x800mm. Lisa's knack for line art shines in this sketch, keeping it real and expressive.

"Time Alone" is all about simplicity and grace. The deliberate use of line art gives it a unique vibe, telling a story with each stroke. Picture a tranquil scene, and you've got it.

Looking to expand your collection? Consider pairing "Time Alone" with Lisa's Sketch "Change of Wind" for a vibe that blends expressive line art with thoughtful storytelling. It's like building your own art story at home.

Bring the calming feel of "Time Alone" into your space. With only five editions, it's a limited piece that adds a touch of uniqueness to your collection. Simple, expressive, and real – that's "Time Alone" by Lisa Grennell.

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