Forest Green

Forest Green

By Anna Tang

Original hand carved artwork

Framed in wood


Step into the heart of nature with New Zealand artist, Anna Tang's "Green Forest Serenity." This captivating artwork is a symphony of deep greens and whites, echoing the tranquility of an untouched forest. Anna, a maestro in graphic design, orchestrates these hues with precision, creating a visual masterpiece that breathes life into any space.

Discover the Artistry of Anna Tang: A New Zealand Artist

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Anna Tang, a celebrated New Zealand artist renowned for her original hand-carved artwork. This masterpiece, framed in wood and spanning 90x90cm, captures the essence of Anna's design philosophy.

Anna, with a rich background in graphic design, crafts meticulously balanced pieces with exceptional attention to detail. Her duotone creations, like the acclaimed art painting "Pinkalicious," showcase the depth achievable with positive and negative space.

The handmade aesthetic of Anna's art invites you to explore its texture intimately, making each piece a captivating experience. As a New Zealand artist, Anna's designs echo the serene beauty of her homeland.

Bring home a piece of timeless tranquility with Anna Tang's art, where every carving tells a unique story. Explore our collection and immerse yourself in the artistry of a New Zealand artist committed to creating enduring masterpieces.

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Price: $4,094.00
Shipped to the South Island
Price: $4,114.00
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