What is an Exhibition

An exhibition showcases art and artefact in a fun, entertaining and meaningful way. Art is an expression of one’s emotions, thoughts, ideas or beliefs. It’s about sharing the way you experience life. More importantly, exhibition creates a strong learning environment in so many ways. It helps you experience the world of art and expand as a visual person. Here’s how you will benefit from an exhibition.

Exhibition exercises your ability to create meaning

One of the most important lessons you gain from visiting an art gallery is learning how to interpret art. It means creating meaning to symbols, colours, fonts and other forms of art. It is important to remember that art is subjective, there’s no right or wrong way to interpret art. Looking and engaging with work of art is a meaningful and lasting experience.
Here's 4 simple steps for a beginner: look, describe, think and connect to the art. Take time to look at the art, what do you notice? Describe what you see in art, pay attention to shapes, colours, materials and subject. Then interpret and assign meaning to it. Create a story. And last, how do you relate to it? Does it remind you of something?

Visiting exhibitions inspires new ideas

Every work of art was started with an idea, even if it was just to throw paint at the wall and see where it takes you. So when you visit an art gallery, you’ll be surrounded by so many ideas that you are more than likely to come up with your own ideas.

Art gallery motivates people

As mentioned earlier, an art gallery is a safe place to learn about the world and about yourself. Through visual representation, art gives you a chance to feel and relate to the feelings associated to the art, such as pain, jealousy, happiness, sorrow, grief etc. Even if these feelings don’t fall on higher levels of a happiness spectrum, the message you’ll get from art is almost always positive and it will motivate you to deal with these emotions.

A chance to expand your existing network

When visiting exhibition, there’s a high chance you’ll meet many different personalities as well as very like-minded people. In any case, it gives you a perfect opportunity to broaden your network by starting conversations with artists, curators, critics and more. If you’re an artist yourself, visiting an art gallery is not only good for inspiration but it also gives you a chance to potentially grow your career. Networking is an important component in the art world, don’t miss out.

There’s many more reasons why visiting an art gallery is a great idea and how it can help you. Give yourself the gift of visual exposure and plan to visit our Hamilton art gallery today to support the works of NZ artists. If you're unable to visit our Hamilton art gallery, browse our online art collection and purchase a piece that you feel most connected to.

We love to hold exhibitions featuring the work of New Zealand Artists. We welcome you to visit our gallery in Hamilton to experience these first hand. If you join our mailing list we will keep you informed of up coming new works and invite you to exhibition openings.

Hamilton exhibition showcasing NZ artists.