Mousey Tales

Mousey Tales

By Kirsty Black

Original Painting

Strong, bold, colourful abstract work.


"Mousey Tales" original abstract painting

Introducing "Mousey Tales" by Kirsty Black – an original abstract painting that defines strength, boldness, and a burst of colourful expression. This vibrant piece, measuring 760x1000, is a striking example of Kirsty Black's artistic prowess.

In "Mousey Tales," Kirsty Black delves into the world of abstract painting, using bold strokes and vivid colours to create a visual narrative. This artwork goes beyond being just a painting; it's an energetic addition that breathes life into any space.

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With its powerful aesthetics and vibrant palette, this piece is more than a celebration of creativity – it's an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of abstract expression. Transform your surroundings with the dynamic energy of this exceptional artwork.

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