Duncan Mackay

My artistic inspiration frequently draws from the beauty of natural forms and patterns. I find myself particularly intrigued by the charm of found materials, which often find their way into my creations. Lately, I have been experimenting with imprinting captivating textures onto silver using native leaves and bark, infusing my pieces with the essence of nature itself.

The enduring appeal of my work lies in the meticulous hand-cutting and texturing of each piece. I take great care in crafting native leaves and flowers from silver, beautifully complemented by the rich tones of red oxidized copper. A recurring theme in my art is the artful stamping and scribing of nature-based patterns onto metal, evoking a deep connection with the natural world.

Through my artistic exploration, I delight in experimenting with various combinations of silver and copper, creating captivating patterns that reflect the harmony of these precious metals. Each piece I create is a testament to my passion for crafting enduring art that resonates with the beauty of nature and the timeless allure of silver and copper.