Trellis Study 11
Trellis Study 11

Trellis Study 11

By Metcalfe Exhibition

Step into the mesmerising world of contemporary art as we proudly present our stunning masterpieces handcrafted from recycled 44-gallon food industry drums. These unique artworks boast exquisite floral studies, ingeniously playing with shadows, colours, shapes, and forms to create an enchanting visual spectacle.

Carefully designed for wall display, each piece measures a generous 40x27cm, ensuring they make a captivating statement in any space. The effortless interplay of light and shadow adds an extra dimension to the already vibrant colours, infusing your surroundings with an unparalleled aura of elegance and creativity.

Sustainable contemporary art

What sets our artistic practice apart is our unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By repurposing industrial vessels into delicate fronds and curvaceous forms, we redefine the concept of artistic transformation. The process of handling and manipulating these materials is a symphony of creativity, continuously asking, "what would happen if?" as we unlock new realms of imaginative expression.

Beyond crafting breathtaking art, we find our purpose in nurturing a profound connection with Mother Nature. Drawing inspiration from our cherished childhood memories, we cherish the significance of the natural world and harness its beauty to fuel our aspirations for a more sustainable and harmonious future.

With every brushstroke and every artistic decision, we contribute to the collective endeavour of Mothering Nature, nurturing it with the same care and love it provides us. We invite you to be part of this creative journey, where art and environmental consciousness merge to create pieces that carry deep meaning and purpose.

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Experience the allure of contemporary art that transcends aesthetics and resonates with your deepest values. Embrace a sustainable artistry that not only decorates your home but also leaves a lasting impression on your soul. Explore our curated collection today and bring home a masterpiece that tells a story of artistic excellence, environmental stewardship, and the eternal beauty of nature's embrace.

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