Sofia Minson

From her studio in Auckland, New Zealand, Sofia Minson paints bold, soulful, finely detailed portraits, landscapes and surreal oil works. She is inspired by the land, myths and people of Aotearoa (NZ) as well as the unity she sees amongst richly diverse cultures from around the world.

Born in Auckland in 1984, Sofia spent much of her childhood in Samoa, Sri Lanka and China. On returning to New Zealand as a teenager, painting enabled her to connect with her homeland, her Ngati Porou heritage and all that she had experienced overseas.
For six years Sofia's works have been exhibited and collected in the USA, Europe, Turkey and extensively throughout New Zealand. She has won three national art awards, been a two time finalist in the Adam Portraiture Awards and graduated with an Art and Design degree.
Sofia's vision is to be the world's top contemporary Maori portrait painter and to help build understanding, respect and friendship between cultures.