Nick Eggleston

Nick has been teaching for over twenty years taking various art classes in drawing, Celtic art, watercolours and ceramics. He has also worked with oils, and acrylics.
He currently specializes and enjoys the challenge of watercolour paint:
“Because you can never fully control what watercolour paint will do, you can only predict what it may do. So out of this symbiotic relationship between the artist, the pigment, the water and the paper comes a magic of an alchemical dimension. It’s exciting… It’s a passion!”
Although grounded in traditional techniques, he feels he is part of a growing movement of artists bringing watercolour painting into the present day by developing layering and glazing techniques to produce more vibrant and colourful work:
“I use plenty of dynamic wet-on-wet under-washes, where I’m happy to give the paint free rein to do what it does best, then gradually tighten up the over-glazes and detail towards the front of the picture, until I reach an illustrative level of realism…I think my paintings tell stories.”