Marion Mewburn

I have been potting for 20 years now. In 1996 I started making teapots, first in Waitati, north of Dunedin, then here in Millers Flat.
I have started to branch out lately into some sculptural work... Mainly really what I used to put on my teapots, but now they stand on their own, which gives me more freedom to develop my stories, without being hindered by the functional aspect of the teapot. Because even tho my pots look "over the top", they are still functional teapots and I take great care to make them pour properly and handle well. Tho maybe not first thing in the morning, sometimes there are quite a lot of bits and pieces to be dealt with, for example movable drawers, little people on springs or wheels... Which will make ur teapot roll off the table if its not straight. They roll especially well when there is tea in it, because of the extra weight.
I make other things than teapots too of course. Sugar mummies, which are sugarbowls with busty-lady-lids, so to speak. And jugs, since my teapots have become quite expensive and I wanted to make some more affordable pieces too. And of course cups and bowls (no plates! For some reason I find making plates boring and I'm also not that good at it). But mainly teapots. Teapots. Teapots. Which is probably also because I have done them for a long time now and I am "known for them".