Kirsty Warman

Kirsty Warman is an artist, an illustrator and creative based in Dunedin, New Zealand. She graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Dunedin School of Art in 2012.
Her work considers the uncertain exploration of ones identity, challenging the idea of an identity which appears absolute and palpable, whilst engaging with the uncertainty of the unreal and the hypothetical. Her goal is to re-discover the assemblage of figurative painting through an enduring hunt towards abstraction. Her painterly statement strives to free itself from the traditional realism and historical conventions of figurative painting in allowing a single mark to inform the next in the orchestration of the ground. Warman depicts on canvas her feeling that the figure cannot be without abstraction, nor can it be determined without the arbitrary, chance and the accidental. Her mark making is purposefully derived from the surrealistic drawing process which runs parallel to the painting practice. Incessantly, the lines and pattern from within the drawings appear in the painted works allowing the viewer to observe beyond the literal confines a reconstructed identity.