Kes Harper

Initially working in silver, Kes's jewellery suggested an archeological origin with designs including beach glass, etching and oxidised surfaces with Celtic, Maori, American Indian influences.
After being inspired by a trip to New Zealand in 2010 Kes was looking to add colour with an affordable and environmental element to her range, so began abstracting sections from olive oil tins - often not recycled.
Since then, her work has refined with the range now combining silver, found copper and other elements. The decorative tins now include tea caddies, biscuit tins and vintage finds all of which offer decorative details too beautiful to 'throw away'.

Using everyday subjects found in supermarkets (including tuna and mermaids in bright reds and yellows) Kes gently turns our attention to upcycling, recycling, reuse and gleaning... in a beautiful and unique way.
Gleaned tin and mixed metal jewellery ranges from the 'funky pearl' earrings, rings and collaged brooches to elegant silver and tin lariat or vignette necklaces.