Gabby McKenzie

I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, raised up and down the country and am now living in the beautiful historic city ​​
of Dunedin, Otago, with my husband, son and one large tabby cat
named Colin.

I am hugely sentimental about the old way of life, when food was home
grown and clothes were handmade and mended. Kids climbed trees and
did stunts on their bicycles (some of us still have the scars to prove it!).
I adore old wooden houses with quirky old sheds and am often envious
of an abundant lemon tree. I'm also a gardener attempting to create a little eco
system using permaculture in my back yard.

As New Zealanders we really do have a stunning country with extraordinary wildlife.
We are at home in the landscape and we protect our creatures because they are an integral part of who we are.