Dean Proudfoot

My work has always been varied but whatever the imagery the paintings always come from a place of fun and accessibility.

My approach to art is firmly from the Lowbrow camp, I believe art doesn’t have to be obscure or elitist but should challenge and evoke a response and what’s more positive than a smile.

I enjoy referencing our cultural past and my most recent work references the imagery of yester year, the era of the 1950's and 60's - a perceived "Golden Era" in our history. That feelling of nostalga is a powerful emotion as memory is of making past expriences better and more amplified than they really ever were. I also enjoy the innocence of this time... cowboys were cool! And children enjoyed a freedom to roam and play that these days are far removed from reality.

An award winning commercial illustrator for the past 18 years, I have enjoyed working with a diverse range of clients both in New Zealand and internationally.