Alex Miln

Alex's artistic practice involves creating three-dimensional relief pieces using timber and aluminium, which are then painted with up to 11 coats of oil paint. The artist uses layering techniques to achieve a slightly translucent effect, giving their work depth and dimension.

Alex was first inspired to explore this style while working at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London in the mid-80s, where he had access to a vast array of artwork and reference materials. Drawing on this experience, he developed their unique style of art, constantly evolving and innovating.

Through his work, the artist seeks to challenge prevailing perceptions and conceptions, examining New Zealand's cultural identity and its place in the world. They aim to uncover the shadows and confront difficult messages, rather than simply ignoring them.

Deeply rooted in Americana, Alex's work draws design elements from popular culture and brings them into the gallery space, a practice he calls Signtology. By combining these disparate elements, the artist creates thought-provoking and visually striking pieces that engage viewers in new and unexpected ways.